Tubeless – what’s all the fuss about ?

So as my new TCR came equipped with ‘tubeless’ tires I thought I better gen up on them and get a better understanding of how this works.

The official line is as: Less rolling resistance and a supple feel, Giant’s tubeless ready Gavia SLR tires reduce your risk of punctures and provide an instance performance boost on the road. Corner faster, improve comfort and increase efficiency to ride further and faster. Gavia SLR features superlight high thread count (170TPI) casing with a centre line wear indicator. A silica based centre compound combined with a softer Giant proprietary compound on the sides allows the tire to conform to the road surface resulting in improved traction under fast cornering and heavy braking. Folding Kevlar bead makes for practical storage and transport, weighing in at just 255g. It’s time to experience tubeless.

And I guess all the above is true.  What I have found on the first number of rides is how smooth the rolling of the Gavia SL is. Not withholding that the SL tire is only 70tpi it does perform very well – to a degree. If I was racing however then I would be upgrading to a better tpi rated tire and maybe I will once the roads start to melt in our British summer…

A lot of customers do get squeamish about the tubeless system and may be scared off by its process. But given that the rims are fitted at the factory and our mechanics put the latex liquid into the tire prior to the customers collection of the bike, what is there to worry about? If you get a puncture the latex liquid seals the puncture almost instantly without any negative handling to the bike. Something that I haven’t encountered yet…..

Another point of note, again a question from every rider is, “can I fit a standard inner tube/tire combo ?” and the simple answer is yes you can, so again you can fit your fav tire to these rims.

One last but everso important point is the care of the carbon rims, obviously Giant want the system to work perfectly for you so here is a little guide to longevity of the carbon rims..

I look forward to many happy miles rolling on carbon and tubeless.

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